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mhealth refers to the use of mobile technology in mental health care.

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The development and commercialization of wearables, a specific subgroup within mHealth, is growing exponentially.

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Physiological data

Wearables are sensors and devices that are worn on the body to collect physiological data.

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To date, the use of wearables is relatively unexplored territory for Mental Health Care and Employee Assistance Programs

Kom alles te weten over het potentieel van wearbles voor geestelijke gezondheid op ons eindsymposium, 4 februari 2019.

the carewear project

A TETRA project financed by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and innovative companies
  • Collecting and disseminating expertise on the use of wearables in mental health care.

  • Developing an online software platform on which the physiological data can be consulted

  • Developing clinical intervention protocols based on wearables

  • Trials of the platform and intervention protocols in cooperation with members of the user group


Several innovative organizations support this project and are part of our user group. Is your company interested in joining this group of pioneers? Contact us at the bottom of this page for more information!

Alma.Care is a Health as a Service IT company that focuses on telehealth to empower customers in the healthcare process. By monitoring and analyzing your health 24/7 we can provide you with actionable insights and give you alerts to tackle problems before they even appear.


Aptus is a company, part of the Cronos group, that works on the “Internet of Things”. We work on physical devices that are made intelligent through their link with internet and data.


COMmeto is active in software architecture services, software development for interconnection systems in a building, software for industrial automation projects, communication over the internet, interconnection of different types of networks, signal processing systems and eHealth/mHealth/eCare installations.


FARESA is an evidence – based psychological center for children, adolescents, and adults.

Flemish Association for Clinical Psychologists

Flemish Association for Clinical Psychologists (VVKP) is the biggest association of masters in clinical psychology in Belgium. The association serves the interests of their members and enables the exchange of knowledge and experience between clinical psychologists.


IDEWE aims to contribute to the physical and mental integrity of the individual and prevent harm to its living and working environment.


Imec develops Body Area Networks: wearable sensor networks that enable reliable and long-term monitoring of health parameters during daily activities.


Learn2ACT is a spin-off from the psychological practice De Braam and represents evidence-based blended care for psychological complaints and problems.

OPZ Geel

OPZ Geel is a public psychiatric care and knowledge center that organizes professional high quality care for individuals with psychiatric problems and their environment to work on recovery together.

Professional Association for Psychological Consultants

The professional association for psychological consultants (BPC) represents all students and care workers from the broad field of applied psychology.


Wellbeing of personnel and other stakeholders is one of the most important strategic challenges of the future. By supporting our clients in developing and implementing a structured approach to personal wellbeing, we want to be the Belgian golden standard in personnel wellbeing.

SD worx

SD Worx embodies the complete service provision in terms of payroll, tax system and social law.

The Human Link

In The Human Link we work on prevention and care for chronic stress and anxiety in companies, organizations, and individuals.


Several innovative organizations support this project and are part of our user group. Is your company interested in joining this group of pioneers? Contact us at the bottom of this page for more information!

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