mHealth refers to the use of mobile technology in mental healthcare.


The development and commercialiasation of wearables, a specific subgroup within mHealth, is growing exponentially.

Physiological data

Wearables are sensors and devices that are worn on the body to collect physiological and behavioural data.

Mental health

To date, the use of wearables is relatively unexplored territory for mental healthcare and prevention.


Carewear aims to make wearables available for use in clinical and research practice of wellbeing and care. To this end, several tools have already been developed:


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Our team

The Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society

The expertise unit is specialized in applied psychological research in the area of psychology and technology, social psychology and envrionmental psychology. Within the research domain of psychology and technology, there is a strong focus on the interaction between both domains and the synergy that goes with it, especially within mental healthcare and in human-technology interaction. The expertise unit is part of the department Applied Psychology of Thomas More University of Applied Sciences.

Mobilab & Care

The unique multidisciplinary approach of Mobilab & Care provides the foundation for the demand-driven development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, technologies, products, and services for healthcare, with the ultimate goal of increasing life quality in the general population and efficiency and efficacy in healthcare.

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