VLAIO Tetra project finished

On the 31st of January 2019, our VLAIO tetra project was completed after more than 3 years of succesful cooperation with the partners. This project was made possible by VLAIO and organisations interested in the implementation of wearables, who contributed with important expertise from their field of work and cofinancing. Within the project, we managed to develop algorithms, a working prototype of the online platform, and accompying guidelines with evidence-based interventions. The research partners, i.e., Mobilab & Care and the Expertise Unit Psychology, Technology & Society, established the tools. The organisations from the user group had the opportunity to provide input for the tools and perform the first implementation tests. The user group consisted of technological organisations (, Aptus, COMmeto & imec), professional associations ( professional association of psychological consultants (BPC) and the Flemish society of clinical psychology (VVKP)), as well as organisations that were interested in the application of wearables and their practice (Faresa, IDEWE, Learn2ACT, OPZ Geel, PULSO, SD worx, and The Human Link). The project would not have been possible without these partnes and we would like to thank them for the great collaboration!